Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mermaid Cellafina

I wanted to share to share a card I created using Mandy's Mermaid image.  

I printed the image 3 times using Word to get the size I wanted.  My plan was to glue the image together in layers.  I lightly colored some areas with Copic markers, depending on the area I needed on each of the three images.  After the markers, I recolored using Spectrum Noir sparkle glitter brush pens.  To blend the colors in the hair and on the Mermaid, I had to work fast as the glitter dries quick.  The only part that was not colored with the glitter brush pens was the skin areas.  Those areas are colored with Copic and left alone.  Cutting it all out took some time, especially around the Mermaid.

You can see some of the sparkles shine through with the close ups.  To make the bubbles, I used a 2 sizes of sticky dots and pressed tiny glass beads into it until all areas were covered.

 Cellafina was fun to color, especially using the glitter pens.  If you want to give her a try as well, you can find this image at Mandy's shop... AkaManuArt

Go have some fun!