Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Swallowtail & H2O's Background

I wanted to show you a card I made using the background paper from the post Mulberry Meets H2O's.  This time I used the white cardstock that was made into an H2O background paper.  The Swallowtail was stamped on the cardstock with black ink and then colored with more H2O's.  
I like the hint of color that surrounded the butterfly.  After I was done, I outlined the butterfly with a lighter blue marker.  

I still have left over from both the mulberry and the cardstock.  I am going to put them aside for now to use another day.  

Have a wonderful crafty day and thank you for stopping by!



Since Google Reader is going away....I added the Bloglovin' Widget to my page (to the right) for those who are switching over.  

What is bloglovin?  It is the EASIEST way to follow all your favorite blogs.  I used Google reader for some blogs and others came by email.  My email was really getting bogged down with all the blogs that I read so I switched them over to bloglovin.  Now I can see every time a blog is updated.  Best part was, bloglovin made it easy to move the blogs I read through Google Reader by a click of a button!

Be back later with a card!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mulberry Meets H2O's

I am so happy Twinkling H2O's made their way back into the crafting world.  I was devastated when they announced the company was closing down long ago.  I love them, especially on Christmas cards. The other day I made two backgrounds using the H2O's on two different types of paper.  It is almost time to make the Mothers N Others invitation so I use the time prior to experiment and see what I will do. (More on that in the future)  I laid both backgrounds next to each other so you could see the difference.  The top sheet is white cardstock and the bottom is white mulberry. Both are 8 1/2 x 11.

To make the backgrounds I chose 4 H2O's colors (gold yellow, white shimmer, purple, blue).  I spritz water into them and let them set to get soft.  Meanwhile, I laid a piece of white mulberry onto a piece of white cardstock and wet it down really well using a spray bottle.  

I started painting all over the mulberry with different colors, spritzing with water every now and then, especially if the color was too dark.  I did not want strong colors so the water tones the H2O's down a bit.  After I was done painting...I left the mulberry on the cardstock and set it off to the side for a bit to let the color seep onto the white cardstock.  After 10 minutes I removed the mulberry and let the both pieces dry completely on their own.
You can see the shimmer from the H2O's!

I made two cards using small pieces of the mulberry paper.  It dried stiffer than it normally is which is perfect for glueing down onto cardstock and stamping on it.   I still have enough of the mulberry to make at least two more cards and the full piece of the cardstock.  All total it took me about 10 minutes to make the backgrounds.  Although I loved how the backgrounds came out (especially the mulberry paper), I doubt I will use this technique to make the Mothers N Other invites as I need about 30 cards.  Back to the drawing board!!

See you soon....


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saying Good-bye

A lady I know is retiring in a few weeks.  She is someone who has helped our office to be so much more than we were.  She is someone who has so much knowledge in her field and has gladly shared it with us.
I made her this card for the entire office to sign.  I did not take a photo of the inside but there are 6 layers inside...enough room for 2 people to write what they want on each sheet.   Thursday we will take a photo of the entire office and add that to one of the layers.

The Flower Stamp, button and paper are from Stampin' Up.  The sentiment is from Impression Obsession. The fold on this card is called a Double Dutch Fold.  I made this card very long..5 1/2 x 7...as I needed enough room for everyone to write. If you click on it to enlarge it, you can see that the flower heads sparkle.

My new camera just arrived tonight and I cannot wait to play with it!  My other camera had a big spot on the lens that we were not able to get out.  I had to be so careful when I took photos because of that spot, I was only able to use the left side of the picture to avoid it. 

Good night all...I am off to bed!

Flowery Happy Birthday

Last night I was speaking to a friend online and she mentioned her birthday was in a few days.  I quickly ran into my craft room and made this card.  The flowers along the bottom are from Stampin Up but the swirls are from a stamp set that I do not know the name of.  The Flower & leaves is actually a cardstock sticker from Stampin Up.  This was a very quick card but at least I am able to get it off in the mail today to her and hopefully have it in time for her birthday!

thank you for stopping by...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

PMS Scrapbook Sketch

Recently I went to a PMS Party Crop which meant any of the following....
Pizza, Margaritas & Scrapbooking
Pajamas, Music & Stamps
Prizes, Make & Takes, Service Project

What a BLAST!!!  (Thanks Lisa!)
It began at 9am and went until everyone was too tired..9pm or later.

We were all given a Scrapbook Layout Sketch to make using the supplies we happen to have brought with us.  I have not scrapbooked for over 2 years and was not prepared to scrapbook anything that day.  I had planned to make birthday cards so I brought everything to do with birthdays but I thought I would give it a go....even without pictures to put on the page.  At 7:00pm all the scrapbook layouts were assigned a number and we all got to vote which one we liked the best.  
I WON!!!  
Here is the page I created from the sketch...

(sorry on the crooked scan!!)

I happen to have a layered butterfly punch so I put a few on it with popped up wings.  The flower design was paper I had so I cut them out and made them 3-D as well.   It really got me in the scrapbook fever...perhaps I will actually get a few pages done this year!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Fairy

Due to tax season and family visiting, I have not been able to work on any papercrafting at all.  Family has now gone home and paperwork is now at the Accountants office..thank goodness!  Now...no more excuses...back to work!

Since I have not shared or have anything new...I will share an old card I made.  I made it for a girlfriend and she loved the card.

Here is a close up of the fairy. 

Thanks for stopping by!