Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Is Here!

You know what comes next don't cha? *brrrrrrrrrrrr* weather!!

This card was stamped with Sunflower Frame rubber stamp...colored with Blick markers...cut out and placed on paper from the Fall/Halloween paper I had left over. This week I committed myself to sending out 5 cards to 5 people for no reasons! A "just because" card. Here is one card I made to send and wondering...who will get this card...

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mojo Monday Christmas Mouse

Do you ever get stuck when making a card? No mojo juice? Feel like all your cards come out looking the same?
That was me ...yesterday.
All you have to do to get your mojo going again
is to head on over to Mojo Monday blog like I did.
This weeks sketch was a choice of two
The idea is to take the sketch and use it as a base to get started...I try to turn it upside down...right side see what works for me.
Here is what I came up with!

This image came from Christmas House Mouse Stamp Set.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lights all a Tangled

This mouse ...from Lighten Up Mouse busy untangling the lights from the box and hopes to have it done in time to decorate the trees for Christmas! Stamped first and then masked so the row of Christmas trees would be behind him...each bulb on the light strand glistens colors from a drop of stickles....makes for a pretty Christmas Card.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mistletoe Mice

I had not used this ribbon technique in a long time. I liked how the checkered green white and red ribbon came out when I pulled it apart by the threads. Thank you for stopping by! Manetta

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mistakes can become Works of Art

Never throw away a mistake when you make cards!!
You never know when you can use it.
This card was stamped with a background stamp 2 years ago! I never used it because the middle of the stamp did not stamp completely so I just threw it into my "Mistake box".
I dug through my box and decided I could use it. The card was the inspiration for my colors.

Close up the hat and snow...
the hat is made from Styrofoam balls and the snow is Diamond Dust.

Hope this card inspires you to start your Christmas Cards and
if you enjoy this Christmas Tree is on sale this week...along with all the other mice stamps!
thank you

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas Gone to the Toilet...

ahhhh not really...however I did make a Christmas card using something you normally find only in the bathroom...
Check out these Snowmen from Let It Snow Set made from....


Toilet Paper!!


 I tried to get the shimmer to show up. If you click on the photo and enlarge is easier to see. Grab yourself a roll from your bathroom, spray bottle with water and the instructions on how to make your casting from your favorite stamp!

  • You will need about 6 to 8 squares of toilet paper and a stamp that is deeply edged and not too finely detailed.
  • Layer the toilet paper over the stamp and wet it.
  • Mold it over the stamp and blot off excess water....carefully pressing down to get a good imprint of your rubber stamp mold.
  • Tear or cut off excess paper around the molded image.
  • Let dry over night.  You can use a heat tool to speed up the process but be careful not to burn the tissue.  I prefer to just let it dry until the next day.
  • Take off mold and trim.
I used double sided tape to apply mold to cardstock.  Don’t use wet glue or glue sticks as this might make the mold wet and destroy the mold.   I have also colored with Pearlescent Chalk and sprayed with glimmer mist to give it a nice shimmer. Embellish as desired.
If you don’t have any glimmer mist, you can always make your own.  
  • In a small spray bottle add equal parts decoupage lacquer or Mod Podge (I heard white glue like Elmer's will work too but have not tried it) and water.
  • Add small amount of PearlEx Powder or Perfect Pearls, recap the spray bottle and shake the mix together.
  • You can also use a drop or two of re-inker if you wanted a colored glimmer mist.
If it clogs when you spray, just add a little more water to the mix.  


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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cover-a-Card Background Meets Alcohol Ink

I had so much fun making this card! I made the background paper design out of glossy paper and alcohol inks ....and then stamped over the design with the Cover-a-Card Flourishes. I think Jasper with Butterflies just so dog-gone cute! I colored him with Blick markers and "painted" the butterflies with stickles. Once the stickles dried...I used liquid glue to cover the butterflies.
I have not stamped anything on the inside yet....I am waiting until that "Ut Oh" moment happens...when you realize you needed a card-yesterday!! lol

For more inspiration..don't forget to head on over to Create With Faye.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spooky Woods!

Did you realize how close the holidays are? *panic look* Halloween is just around the corner!!! Realized I better get started working on my Halloween and Christamas cards. EEEKKKK

Since the Cover-a-Card Branches rubber stamp is 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 in size...I used my Mega Mount to hold it.... inked the stamp with Memento Black....stamped the background and then sponged ink to get the sunset look.
I stamped the "Spa Day" Witch, colored with Blick markers and cut her out.
The bow was made with my Bow-Easy to make my bow.
One many more to go??? lol
 Stop on over at Create With Faye Blog to get more inspiration!

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