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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mulberry Meets H2O's

I am so happy Twinkling H2O's made their way back into the crafting world.  I was devastated when they announced the company was closing down long ago.  I love them, especially on Christmas cards. The other day I made two backgrounds using the H2O's on two different types of paper.  It is almost time to make the Mothers N Others invitation so I use the time prior to experiment and see what I will do. (More on that in the future)  I laid both backgrounds next to each other so you could see the difference.  The top sheet is white cardstock and the bottom is white mulberry. Both are 8 1/2 x 11.

To make the backgrounds I chose 4 H2O's colors (gold yellow, white shimmer, purple, blue).  I spritz water into them and let them set to get soft.  Meanwhile, I laid a piece of white mulberry onto a piece of white cardstock and wet it down really well using a spray bottle.  

I started painting all over the mulberry with different colors, spritzing with water every now and then, especially if the color was too dark.  I did not want strong colors so the water tones the H2O's down a bit.  After I was done painting...I left the mulberry on the cardstock and set it off to the side for a bit to let the color seep onto the white cardstock.  After 10 minutes I removed the mulberry and let the both pieces dry completely on their own.
You can see the shimmer from the H2O's!

I made two cards using small pieces of the mulberry paper.  It dried stiffer than it normally is which is perfect for glueing down onto cardstock and stamping on it.   I still have enough of the mulberry to make at least two more cards and the full piece of the cardstock.  All total it took me about 10 minutes to make the backgrounds.  Although I loved how the backgrounds came out (especially the mulberry paper), I doubt I will use this technique to make the Mothers N Other invites as I need about 30 cards.  Back to the drawing board!!

See you soon....

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