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Friday, September 30, 2016

Retirement Card-Whatever..

My big brother retired this week so I wanted to send him a Retirement card.  I had no idea what to make so I started searching the internet for retirement...looking for inspiration.   A Retirement clock popped into my search and I knew I could change that into a card easily enough.  I cut the hands out and glued them all down.  The numbers were stamped using a set from a company called See-D's.  My set is about 8 years old.  Not sure if they are still around or not.

My brother received his card today so it was safe to post it on my blog. 

My brothers comment was 
"Thank you Manetta - I am exhausted at the end of the day."
He is hilarious.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Masculine Wildlife Birthday Card

One of my Uncles is turning 70 years old this weekend and for the first time in his life he will have a birthday party that will be a surprise!  (sssshhhhhh don't tell him!  *S*)
 I can't be there so I made him a Wildlife birthday card and mailed it to him.  This is a tri-shutter fold...a little different when you open, so he might need help when he receives it!

The stamps are all from Stampin Up except the sentiment.  That one came from Fiskars Make a Wish Quote Set.  To make the moose stand out a bit more, I covered him in Stampin Up Crystal effects.  Everything was stamped with Versafine Vintage Sepia.   This fold allows the A2 card to fold flat for mailing.

Back home in NH, it is fall so that is the color theme I went with.   I know he will enjoy the card since he use to hunt all the time. 

Happy 70th!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Christmas Pines

About a week ago I got the Stampin Up Christmas Pines stamp set and Pretty Pines die set.   I have been patiently waiting until I had time to sit and play with them.  Tonight I finally got that chance!

In my Junk Box I found a card that had Gold Vellum already glued down onto a Cranberry Red card.  Also found in my scraps some off white cardstock, piece of Cranberry Red cardstock and a small piece of Gold Vellum.  

The only stamping was the sentiment stamped on the front came from the Christmas Pines set.  Card came together easy.

Another down on my Christmas Cards!
How are you doing on your cards?

I am submitting this into Week 38 Only Christmas Card Challenge. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Which Side? Naughty? Nice?

I just love this Elf!  He was so much fun to color!  
The Naughty and Nice document he is holding will have a name printed in once I determine who will get this card.  You can bet, for fun, the name will most likely go on the Naughty side!!

thank you stopping by!

I had submitted this into Week 30 Only Christmas Card Challenge. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Christmas Window

Even though I have not shared a great deal, I have been making Christmas Cards all year.  On the off days I do not craft I will start posting some of them, especially since making Christmas Card season is upon many of you.
This is a card I believe I made back in July.  I had many of the pieces left over from 2015 season so decided to use them up.  Here is a post where the extra pieces came from Magical Christmas.  The window scene was recreated but the A2 card itself is different.  

How are you doing on your Christmas Cards?  Have you begun yet?  *S*

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kaleidacolor Leaves

I have these leave stamps and 3 color combos of ink that has not been pulled out in over a year so I decided to play with them.  It was time to make more sympathy anyway. While I was at it, I made additional birthday card.  

The inks I used was Kaleidacolor Denim, Blue Breeze and Autumn Leaves.  I was quite sure they would be dried up by now and was shocked to see they were still nice and juicy!  They are made to slide apart so you can re-ink them without bleeding into the other colors.
The leaves are from a very old set from Close to my Heart called Skeleton Leaves.  It is a nice set of 4 different shapes clear stamps.   Not sure why but I have rarely used it.  The ink worked well on the leaves.  Reminds me of fall the way one leaf can have different colors.  Could be used for masculine cards easily enough.
These are very hard for me to layer but I pulled it off.
Cards are already shipped off or used.  

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Stampin Up Class-Card 5

I saved the best for last!  This card was my favorite card we made that day.  It is a Halloween shaker card.
To make the circle area that holds the halloween shaker pieces, we used a product I had no idea that was out there!  Normally I would use tiny pieces of pop dots placed very close together around the open area.  We used a pop dot product but they are in long thin strips.  I searched online to find where I could buy them and found some at Amazon.  Unfortunately they are out of stock.  The ones I found come in a package of 132 pieces that are 1/8 inch x 4 3/8 inch long.  Definitely be on the lookout where to get some either online or in stores.  The one important thing to remember when you make a shaker card, is that you glue the acetate piece behind the circle cut out area before you start putting the whole card together.  

I did not buy the tree die but the more I think about it, the more I want it.  I can see it being something easily used even for Christmas cards.

Thank you for checking in today.  Have a great day and hope you get some crafting in!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stampin Up Class-Card 4

It is so hard to believe it is already mid-September!  Soon it will be time to send off my Halloween cards to my grandkids.  At the Stampin Up Holiday 2016 Catalog Kick Off last weekend, we also did a couple of Halloween cards.

Here is one of the cards using stamps made for the jar stamp and die sets.  A little creepy.  A little icky.  Totally Halloween.  Perfect for my oldest grandson!

No crafting for me today as I am heading into work, but I hope you at least have a fun crafting day!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 37 & Stampin Up Class-Card 3

Card #3 coming up and into my Christmas card stash.  I am really making a jump on my cards this year.  
Out of the 3 we made, this was my favorite and it was not the easiest. Well... easy yes....long process yes.  
After we used the die to cut out the Santa, we were suppose to save most of the pieces to put back.  Whoops!  I was busy cleaning up my area and mine got trashed.  So I found some white scraps and recut the pieces I needed.  Lesson learned...slow down and concentrate saves you work.

After I had the tiny pieces cut, I had to color them.  It was hard to hang onto them all and not lose them.  Once the Santa was glued down, I glued all the face pieces down as well as the hat.  

Since I did not get to finish this card there, I used a sentiment that I had here at home. It was too long to stamp so I cut the stamp in half so I could stamp "dear santa" inside the small area.  Inside the card it says..."define good".    Sunglasses were a nice touch since I live in the Sunshine State Of FL.

Adorable card for sure!
Thanks for stopping by..

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 36 & Stampin Up Class-Card #2

Here is card number 2 from the Stampin Up Class.  Another Christmas Card to add to my stash and it is a mouse!  I love mice Christmas cards so I WILL be buying this set!  They are so adorable! 

Again....the nice sparkling glitter will not show up...*shrugs*....oh well!  *S* 

Also submitting this card to Week 36 Only Christmas Card Challenge.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 35 & Stampin Up Class-Card 1

Today I went to a Stampin Up Holiday 2016 Catalog Kick Off and we made 5 cards today.  

Sharing with you one of the Christmas Cards we made.  The gingerbread house was actually from one of their Christmas paper.  We just cut it out.  Real cute.  I wish the glitter would show when I take photos....a real challenge of mine!  Someday I will figure out how to take a better photo.

I am also submitting this into Week 35 Only Christmas Card Challenge.  

Thank you for stopping by...

Friday, September 2, 2016

From Junk to Birthday

I have a box that I call my Junk Box.  It has a bunch of trial and error works of mine that didn't make it onto a card.   I just can't quite throw the mistake away so it goes into the box.  
Every now and then I will dig in that box and something will stand out to me.  Parts of this card came from that box.  

The white circle was thrown in the box because one side of it did not cut out correctly so I positioned it so that part was off the edge of the card.  

The background was an experiment gone wrong with watercoloring on a piece of cardstock.  The sentiment was cut crooked so I cut it down to make a tag.  The butterflies were left over from another project.
So...........I was able to make 3 pieces from that junk box and transform them into a beautiful Birthday Card.  

What do you do with your works of art gone wrong?  Do you throw them away?  You might want to start your own junk box. You never know!

Have a great crafty day!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Krwwwazy Birthday Baker

I just love this digital image from Bloobel Stamps!  I love weird so this fits right in with me.  
I apologize for not having the list of colors as I put them away before I could record it.  I do know other than the face, the colors came from Touch Markers.  The skin colors came from Copic.  

I used Stamping Up pop up for the birthday cake.  

Inside it says "Why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everyone rushes to get a piece?"

Have a super day and thank you for stopping by!