Friday, September 2, 2016

From Junk to Birthday

I have a box that I call my Junk Box.  It has a bunch of trial and error works of mine that didn't make it onto a card.   I just can't quite throw the mistake away so it goes into the box.  
Every now and then I will dig in that box and something will stand out to me.  Parts of this card came from that box.  

The white circle was thrown in the box because one side of it did not cut out correctly so I positioned it so that part was off the edge of the card.  

The background was an experiment gone wrong with watercoloring on a piece of cardstock.  The sentiment was cut crooked so I cut it down to make a tag.  The butterflies were left over from another project.
So...........I was able to make 3 pieces from that junk box and transform them into a beautiful Birthday Card.  

What do you do with your works of art gone wrong?  Do you throw them away?  You might want to start your own junk box. You never know!

Have a great crafty day!

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