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Monday, February 28, 2011


The February MCE (monthly card exchange) was different this time. Instead of theme announcement, each participant received a few stamped images to make our card using the Black Magic technique. All images were white stamped on black card stock. I used the gate fold and glued a 3 layer butterfly to hold it closed. I like this technique. Very easy. Very pretty.
Black magic directions can be found at

Here is what it says inside the card:

"When you are sad, think of
the butterfly on the morning dew
it will spend its day
fluttering by to watch over you"

Here is the card I received in return! We both picked the same image to use AND we both thought to use butterflies! She used the white to highlight certain areas, where I used the dots with a little highlighting. It looks like we both used blue but actually hers is purple....all the photos I took showed it as blue.
Thanks Jessica!! I love my card!

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