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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Silver Wreath

To make the wreath card, I found something to pencil a light circle where I wanted the wreath to be on my card.  I did not have silver cardstock so I used a silver inkpad and covered a piece of white paper really heavy with color.  After it dried (which took some time!)...I used a Martha Stewart bough punch to punch-out several silver boughs.  Using the circle as a guide to help me keep it round I glued down the boughs to form a wreath.  I used the bow easy to make the bow leaving the ribbon tails long in length.  I tacked the the bow down using my homemade glue dots in areas making the bow tails curve and lift up slightly.  I trimmed off bow tails to the length I wanted.
I stamped my sentiment on a piece of scrap paper that was cut to the size I wanted beforehand and glued it down.  
Before matting it onto the black cardstock, I punched the holes all the way around the card first.
The black, silver and white of the card gives the card an elegant look I think. 

New Years will be here soon.  Do you have a New Years Resolution picked out?  
I don't normally make a New Year Resolution...but I am considering one for this year.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stampin Up Christmas Cards

A several weeks ago, I went to a card class run by Lisa, my good friend and Stampin Up Representative.  Here are two of the cards we made there.  

thank you for stopping by!

Christmas Napkin Card

Did you know that you could make a card out of napkins?  Better yet, make an invitation that you can coordinate with any party theme?  There are so many cool looking napkins out there that you could use and for so many occasions!  I found a package that was perfect for a Christmas card.  This particular napkin could only be used once but some napkins (depending on the size) could make 2 to 4 cards off one napkin.  

The card is easy to do and does not have to involve any stamping unless you want to stamp on the inside.
All you need is 

IRON (heated w/o steam)
(I used 4 by 5 to fit in my envelopes)

Step 1:  Most napkins are 2 ply or 3 ply.  You only need the top ply which is the decorated piece.  Carefully pull the decorated ply away from the others.  It is best to start at one corner and work your way all the way down.  Just keep the top ply and use the remaining ply to clean up your area later. *S*

Step 2: Open up your old magazine and lay your card down on it..making sure the front of the card is facing up 

Step 3:  Cover the card with a piece of plastic wrap that is slightly larger than the card.  It will all be trimmed off later.

Step 4:  Put your napkin face up over the plastic wrap & card in the desired position you want.  Make sure you have the decoration of the napkin where you want it to be.  For this card it was easy for me to just match up the one corner of the decoration because the rest of it was just white space.

Step 5:  Close a couple of pages of the magazines over your card, plastic wrap and napkin sandwich.    Press the iron down onto the magazine for 15 seconds so the heat penetrates through the magazine and napkin onto the plastic wrap.  Make sure to get the entire card...especially the edges.  Allow it to cool for about one minute before you pull back the magazine pages to check if the napkin adhered to the card.  If not, just close the pages and redo the area that did not stick down.

                         Step 6:  Trim down excess to the size of the card.  That is it!!  Now the card is ready for you to embellish more or you can do like me and leave as is.  Inside you can print your sentiment out and glue it to the inside or stamp.      

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I know that I did!  Matter of isn't over for us yet.  We have friends who arrived last night and we will celebrate once more.
It is the good feeling being surrounded by people I love.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow Cabin & SnowMan

 First I have a Cabin with snow.  I use the crayon resist technique on this card.  I used a white crayon and colored all the areas I wanted to stay white for snow and then sponged on the color.

Here I have a Snowman done up in purples.  Not my typical color scheme on a Christmas card but he came out cute.  I love this guy!  It is a very old stamp that I make sure to use each year. 
The snowman was stamped and colored on the inside of the card so I put a window on the cover.  Now you can see him when the card is closed or open. 

*do not pay attention to the black spot on the card!!  my  camera apparently had a piece of dirt on it when I took the photo!!*

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Candle Burns Bright

I have not giving away this card yet.  I am trying to decide between two people whom we will see next week.  

Or perhaps......I might just keep it!


5 More Christmas Cards!

Are you ready yet for Christmas?  We are down to just 3 more days to shop for Christmas.  I have all my cards mailed, all my gifts bought, packages mailed and received.  I just need to wrap three that are for here.

Here are a few more cards I made.  I need to get a different program or camera as the ones I have just do not show the glitter in the photos.  This first two cards have so much sparkle on them and yet the photos just shows a little.  Use your



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 Santa Tags

One of my daughter-in-laws asked me to make a couple of big tags so Santa could attach them to each of my grandchildren's gifts.  She wanted tags she could reuse over and over....

She said she loved them...and as usual...I went over the top...she didn't expect them to be so beautiful!   Those who know me.... know that is me! lol

I wanted one layer so no parts would fall off over the years.  Also it would make it easier if she wanted to laminate them to preserve them.  I could not get the sparkle to show up when I took the photos...just know that they have glitter on is for Christmas and Christmas is all about sparkle and glitter! 


Winter Wonderland 2012

A scene I wish I could really see!  I miss seeing snow so much this time of year.  Since I can't...I put my memories onto cards.

I made several of these cards as they went quick.  A piece of ripped paper, a sponge, ink, red marking pen and a couple of stamps.

Vendors at the office were the recipients of these cards to thank them for the year.

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


3rd Post For Today

Here are two Poinsettia cards I made.  They both use the mask technique so that I could get the evergreens behind the flower.  

The first card was stamped with sticky glue and then sprinkled with the red flower soft I made

This next card was just stamped with red ink for the poinsettia.

Seasons Greetings Pink, Blue and Multi

*Post #2 for today*

Since I am very behind...I am just going to upload several Christmas Cards at a time.

I hope they inspired you to make one or two cards this year!  There's still time....7 days to go! I was inspired by Scrap Journey to make these cards.


Hanukkah 2012

I have a new computer...MacBook Pro and FINALLY I can upload photos of my cards to my blog!
I need to catch up!

I have been very busy making my Holiday Cards since July.  I have Christmas cards for my side of the family and Hanukkah cards for my husbands side.  
Here are the Hanukkah cards I made.  

I saw a lot of cards using the Triple Time Stamping and I decided to give it a try.