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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Silver Wreath

To make the wreath card, I found something to pencil a light circle where I wanted the wreath to be on my card.  I did not have silver cardstock so I used a silver inkpad and covered a piece of white paper really heavy with color.  After it dried (which took some time!)...I used a Martha Stewart bough punch to punch-out several silver boughs.  Using the circle as a guide to help me keep it round I glued down the boughs to form a wreath.  I used the bow easy to make the bow leaving the ribbon tails long in length.  I tacked the the bow down using my homemade glue dots in areas making the bow tails curve and lift up slightly.  I trimmed off bow tails to the length I wanted.
I stamped my sentiment on a piece of scrap paper that was cut to the size I wanted beforehand and glued it down.  
Before matting it onto the black cardstock, I punched the holes all the way around the card first.
The black, silver and white of the card gives the card an elegant look I think. 

New Years will be here soon.  Do you have a New Years Resolution picked out?  
I don't normally make a New Year Resolution...but I am considering one for this year.

Have a wonderful day!
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