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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Napkin Card

Did you know that you could make a card out of napkins?  Better yet, make an invitation that you can coordinate with any party theme?  There are so many cool looking napkins out there that you could use and for so many occasions!  I found a package that was perfect for a Christmas card.  This particular napkin could only be used once but some napkins (depending on the size) could make 2 to 4 cards off one napkin.  

The card is easy to do and does not have to involve any stamping unless you want to stamp on the inside.
All you need is 

IRON (heated w/o steam)
(I used 4 by 5 to fit in my envelopes)

Step 1:  Most napkins are 2 ply or 3 ply.  You only need the top ply which is the decorated piece.  Carefully pull the decorated ply away from the others.  It is best to start at one corner and work your way all the way down.  Just keep the top ply and use the remaining ply to clean up your area later. *S*

Step 2: Open up your old magazine and lay your card down on it..making sure the front of the card is facing up 

Step 3:  Cover the card with a piece of plastic wrap that is slightly larger than the card.  It will all be trimmed off later.

Step 4:  Put your napkin face up over the plastic wrap & card in the desired position you want.  Make sure you have the decoration of the napkin where you want it to be.  For this card it was easy for me to just match up the one corner of the decoration because the rest of it was just white space.

Step 5:  Close a couple of pages of the magazines over your card, plastic wrap and napkin sandwich.    Press the iron down onto the magazine for 15 seconds so the heat penetrates through the magazine and napkin onto the plastic wrap.  Make sure to get the entire card...especially the edges.  Allow it to cool for about one minute before you pull back the magazine pages to check if the napkin adhered to the card.  If not, just close the pages and redo the area that did not stick down.

                         Step 6:  Trim down excess to the size of the card.  That is it!!  Now the card is ready for you to embellish more or you can do like me and leave as is.  Inside you can print your sentiment out and glue it to the inside or stamp.      

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I know that I did!  Matter of isn't over for us yet.  We have friends who arrived last night and we will celebrate once more.
It is the good feeling being surrounded by people I love.

Merry Christmas
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