Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 37 & Stampin Up Class-Card 3

Card #3 coming up and into my Christmas card stash.  I am really making a jump on my cards this year.  
Out of the 3 we made, this was my favorite and it was not the easiest. Well... easy yes....long process yes.  
After we used the die to cut out the Santa, we were suppose to save most of the pieces to put back.  Whoops!  I was busy cleaning up my area and mine got trashed.  So I found some white scraps and recut the pieces I needed.  Lesson learned...slow down and concentrate saves you work.

After I had the tiny pieces cut, I had to color them.  It was hard to hang onto them all and not lose them.  Once the Santa was glued down, I glued all the face pieces down as well as the hat.  

Since I did not get to finish this card there, I used a sentiment that I had here at home. It was too long to stamp so I cut the stamp in half so I could stamp "dear santa" inside the small area.  Inside the card it says..."define good".    Sunglasses were a nice touch since I live in the Sunshine State Of FL.

Adorable card for sure!
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