Sunday, October 28, 2018

52 CCT October Challenge-Masking Technique

My card was chosen as the winner for this October Masking Technique!  

I was taught when I oil painted, you always start with images far away like mountains and work your way in close.   One thing I discovered in card making it is opposite.  You start with images closest to you and work your way backwards so the mountains would be last.  
This week at 52 Christmas Card throwdown.... it is all about masking.  

 In my Santa card, if I did not use the masking technique, my big tree would have been stamped over the reindeer.  The Christmas Tree would have been stamped over the Santa.  The Santa would have....oh get the idea!

  So masking is important to get the images behind each other instead of over.
  Definition of masking is basic stamping technique of covering a stamped image so that other images may be placed over it.  Masking may seem difficult but it is really quite easy. 
 Just stamp the image you need to protect on a piece of thin scrap paper.  I used a post it note so it is stuck down and won't move on me.  Just make sure to stamp part of the image on the sticky area of the post it note.  This next part will seem a bit weird and out of the norm.  

Cut the post it note image out but not on the line...Cut the image out just inside the lines.  If you cut on the line and stamp over it, it will leave a slight white edge around the image.  If you cut just inside the line the white edge will be hidden in the stamped image you are protecting.  Hope that makes sense!

Oh......a little tidbit..........keep your mask with your rubber stamps!  Next time you need a mask for that image, you are all set.  It's all done for you.

Here is what it looks like using the mask.   I am protecting the deer image I have stamped underneath..... (using my Wizard of Oz voice "pay no attention to the human shadow in the photo") 

Here is another mask protecting the Santa .  I want the tree to look like it is behind the Santa.  You notice on this mask I did not cut the whole Santa out as I only needed to protect one small area.

When you remove the mask, you can see how the tree now looks like it is behind the Santa.  

Another great reason to use the masking technique.....when you need to protect your images when you are air brushing backgrounds or sponging backgrounds as well. 
 Love to see what you do!

I am off to go add this to the challenge .....

Happy crafting!

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