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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3D Cabin

I am not sure where this stamp came from but it is one of my favorites. I can use this stamp and very easily start daydreaming. I would love to live in a cabin in the woods and away from any city....from September to January. After that I want to be in Florida!!! I guess that would make me opposite of your typical "Snowbird". I stamped and colored the scene 4 times and then cut out the parts I needed. I put it together like a puzzle..popping up the parts as I went along. I used "Snow" to try to give it a more realistic feel. The frame is another stamp I have had kicking in my box forrrrever! So I decided to blow the dust off and use it. I stamped and heat embossed with gold. When I cut out the center...I found my cabin scene fit perfectly! Time consuming card to do but well worth the efforts!
Thank you once again for stopping by!! Manetta
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