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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas Gone to the Toilet...

ahhhh not really...however I did make a Christmas card using something you normally find only in the bathroom...
Check out these Snowmen from Let It Snow Set made from....


Toilet Paper!!


 I tried to get the shimmer to show up. If you click on the photo and enlarge is easier to see. Grab yourself a roll from your bathroom, spray bottle with water and the instructions on how to make your casting from your favorite stamp!

  • You will need about 6 to 8 squares of toilet paper and a stamp that is deeply edged and not too finely detailed.
  • Layer the toilet paper over the stamp and wet it.
  • Mold it over the stamp and blot off excess water....carefully pressing down to get a good imprint of your rubber stamp mold.
  • Tear or cut off excess paper around the molded image.
  • Let dry over night.  You can use a heat tool to speed up the process but be careful not to burn the tissue.  I prefer to just let it dry until the next day.
  • Take off mold and trim.
I used double sided tape to apply mold to cardstock.  Don’t use wet glue or glue sticks as this might make the mold wet and destroy the mold.   I have also colored with Pearlescent Chalk and sprayed with glimmer mist to give it a nice shimmer. Embellish as desired.
If you don’t have any glimmer mist, you can always make your own.  
  • In a small spray bottle add equal parts decoupage lacquer or Mod Podge (I heard white glue like Elmer's will work too but have not tried it) and water.
  • Add small amount of PearlEx Powder or Perfect Pearls, recap the spray bottle and shake the mix together.
  • You can also use a drop or two of re-inker if you wanted a colored glimmer mist.
If it clogs when you spray, just add a little more water to the mix.  


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