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Friday, April 22, 2011

Relay For Life Cards

On April 15-16 (18 hrs total) my co-workers and I set up a booth to raise money for Relay for Life. Our team also had someone on the track walking at all times. There were three of us that stayed overnight to continue the walking until we had relief in the morning. This year I tracked how many miles I walked....all total...15 miles. I did well this year...only one small blister!
The theme was Movies this year. Your team is given a white PVC pipe and told to create "something" within the theme and it must remain on the track for the entire 18 hours. This year I was given a photo and told to create something from it.
Here is the photo...

And here is what I created out of cardstock...
Our Team is called Circle Of Neighbors. I made the same scene on both sides of the baton. This year our baton held up all night even with the humidity at 100%!
For the next couple of days I will post some of the Relay For Life cards that I made to sell at the booth to help raise money.

thank you for stopping...
don't forget to check back tomorrow for more photos!
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