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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Internet Is back!! Fathers Day Card feels good to be back!  Not having internet for so long almost killed me but I was able to keep my sanity by reading emails and responding by cellphone. lol
Cable company came out finally after much frustration only to discover it was our modem.  New one was bought last night and I am back online!!

I had forgotten to show you what I made my Father-in-law for fathers day this year!  This man lives for "fixing things".  He is like the tool time guy on TV.  He has a can opener he "tweaked".  I refuse to be in the same room when he pulls that out to use.  It has more power..yes..I do give him that!!!  Too much power!  When you put a can on it...step back!!!  That thing zings so fast around the can and the only way to shut it off is to yank the cord out of the  wall.  
My cards to him normally have something to do with fixing things.

This was his card.  Inspiration came from the net and I wish I remember where I got the idea from.  (If your out there...let me know!)  
This card could be used for any occasion for a man.  

Have a super day!!  See you soon
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