Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easter in...May???

Yup...I did it...Easter in May!  Little behind the 8-ball I think, lol.
I am using a bunch of challenges from all over to keep my card creating going and I have a notebook that I write in each time a new challenge is announced.  As I get one done I check it off the list.  One was to make an Easter card and obviously that was challenge for SBR-Us was posted prior to Easter. 
All I care about is I got the challenge checked off and a head start for next year!!  
The goal is to fill my box with finished cards!

I do not know what company this stamp came from or even if it is still available.  Prior to Easter, I went to a friends to stamp and I saw this stamp.  I thought it was so adorable so I stamped a couple for myself.  

thank you for stopping by!

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Barb F said...

Oh my gosh, this is SOOOOO cute! I do have information for you about the stamp. It's a Carolyn Shores Wright stamp and I THINK the name of it is "Surprise."