Sunday, October 11, 2015

We ARE the Walking Dead Family

To all you Walking Dead Fans....Tonight is the night!
Premier of Season 6!!

My youngest son got me hooked on The Walking Dead about 3 years ago.  For those who do not know, it is an American horror drama television series and tonight begins its sixth year.  Many of us are very excited.  There are two more in my family who are hooked.  Two years ago my Aunt V and my sister Faye came to visit me for about 4 weeks.  I had to watch my show each week..not missing an episode while they did nothing, but make grunts noise and faces...making fun of my show.  *insert rolling of eyes from me* lol

Fast forward to about 3 weeks into their visit.  I came home one day from work to find the two of them huddled in the craft room with all the lights off. Both faces up very close to an ipad. They were staring at the ipad so much, they never heard me come into the room.  I found out they had been spending their time during the day...not outdoors in the nice sun, but inside trying to get all caught up from Season 1 to the current show!!  

So you can imagine the excitement that has been happening with tonight's show coming so when Mo's Digital Pencil came out with the Zombies digital stamp, I just had to have it.  It's perfect for now and perfect for Halloween.  I whipped up 3 cards and mailed them out...One for my son, one for my sister and one for my aunt.   They loved getting them.

Inside it says
They are coming..............
The Walking Dead

I had one more image that I turned into a Halloween Card.  This one I put white around the Walking Dead to give them a glow.  

If you like the Walking Dead...give me a shout!

Enjoy your crafting day!

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