Monday, November 30, 2015

It's That Time Again..Sympathy

Christmas is such a happy time!  I love making all my Christmas cards and I have been busy!
But along with the Holiday cards. I have to make many sympathy cards as well.  For those who might be new to my blog, I make all the sympathy cards for a local nursing home.  They send out cards to family members when their loved one has passed.  Inside the card, they write a personal note about the one who passed.  During the holidays the passing of loved ones climbs higher than any other time of year.  There have been some years where I have to match card for card (sympathy and Christmas).  Thank goodness the past 2 years it has been on the quiet side.

The sympathy cards are usually mass production.  I give them a batch and they let me know when they are low. 

Now back to Christmas Cards!


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