Monday, August 8, 2016


A co-worker is heading off on a cruise today and wanted to bring 3 cards with her.  She use to work for a cruise line and the crew that worked together at that time decided to have a reunion.  Reunion is being held on a cruise with the same cruise line they use to all work for.  She wanted 3 cards for the 3 closest people to her....2 Canadians and 1 British card.

Inside the cards:  "Let's travel again".  

To get a larger photo, click on the pictures.

I found a photo of a cruise ship that I used as my guide to created the ships by cutting and glueing pieces of grey, red and white paper.   I must admit the cruise ships took me a bit to get angles and pieces to fit to where I was happy.   The palm trees came from Spellbinders "Paradise Palms".  Flags were black and white images I printed, colored and cut out.

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