Sunday, March 12, 2017

So Many Dies

Wanted to show you all what I have been busy working on for the past week!  I have been working on re-organizing my dies every moment I could.  A task I have been avoiding because I was not sure what to do, but after much thought, I got a plan.

 I used Avery Elle Stamp & Die Storage 5 5/8" x 7 3/8" Pockets.  I cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside the envelope and glued a  magnet on it.  The magnet size all depended on how many dies or how big the die was.  The magnets I used were the big sheets I got from Home Depot...made to cover the front of an air vent.  Worked perfect and much cheaper.   I used my Dymo to make the labels.  
I was able to go from this........(4 shelves worth of cases and containers, bags, envelopes etc)....

to this.....(1/2 shelf)..... 

 I have 2 envelopes left over so I just made it.  I was able to put 98 different sets of dies from many different companies into 60 envelopes and those all fit in one 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" container!  

Here is the side view...

A couple of them have something a small magnet on the back if the dies did not all fit on the front but 98% of them are just on the front.  I wanted to make sure I had more supplies for future so I tried to order more today at Amazon but they are discontinued.  Avery came out with an envelope slightly larger than what I have which disappointed me because I like to keep everything the same.  After much searching I found another company that had the exact size and according to the write-ups, the envelopes are pretty close except the cost.  Much cheaper!  

 I went to Michael's and found the perfect containers I wanted to store them in.  They were on sale this week for only $4 and used to put a plant in.  The sides are straight and not slanted like most baskets and such.  They hold 60 envelopes in each.  There was only 3 available so I snatched all 3.  

All the dies are now in my book 
Manetta's Organized "A" to "Z" Book and Everything Between
  so now I know exactly what I have for Dies and they are easy to find!

It feels good to get more organized in my room.  Some day I will be done...right?  


EXAMPLE of the Magnets:  Magnets
Substitute Envelopes:  CheckOut Store
Ashland Greenhouse Market Container (sold at Michaels) 


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Lisa Reber said...

Wow, an I thought I had a lot of dies, lol!
We will never be done organizing our craft rooms but kudos to you for making room for more!