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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Easy Magnetic Bookmark

Need a quick last minute gift for a teacher? Here is an easy craft for a child and a great way to use up an 2011 magnetic calendar.
Teachers are surrounded by books so a perfect gift is a bookmark! This craft project took 5 minutes! I had extra 2011 magnetic calendars I will not be using so I cut one down to the size I wanted. Folded white cardstock, glued two pieces of the magnetic calendar on the inside, stamped with Momento Black Ink, put a little bit of black glitter on the flowers, a ribbon on top and I was done! That simple.
When you glue the magnetic pieces to the inside of the cardstock…make sure you have positive and negative facing each other. If you put negative and negative or positive to positive, it will not work. The bookmark slips over the top of the page and the two magnets connect, holding the bookmark in place.

My children have grown up but crafts like this are fun to do with the grandchildren!
Happy Crafting!

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