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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So Sorry Sunsets

 *SIGH*  Some cards are difficult to make.  I love to create...don't get me wrong!  It is the reason for the card that gets to me.  

These cards are to go to the local nursing home that I donate too.   Seems more sympathy cards are needed to send to the family members when they lose someone at the nursing home.  =(
At least my cards them feel a little bit better as it is combined with a personal note.

I used a circle Nestabilty taped down onto my cardstock so that I could sponge the ink in a perfect circle.  
(shhhhhh.....don't say anything but I always use the painters blue tape which I stole from my husbands workbench LOL.)  
 I love it as it holds very well yet is not too sticky to make it hard to remove after.  Also, I can use it several times before I have to throw it away.  
After I was done inking, I removed the circle, stamped the image and the "So Sorry" with black Momento ink.  Each card was basically done the same way but different..if that makes sense lol.
I hope you take time to look around.  You never know!  You might find something interesting!  
thank you

1 comment:

Alice Wertz said...

These are so beautiful! great inking and stamping!

To answer your question that you left me on Mo's Dream Team blog regarding my card "Kissy." It is not a one layer card. I printed the image on a cardstock then trimmed it to fit the card front after coloring it.

Hope this helps. =)