Monday, December 30, 2013

Very busy Christmas Time!

I have been absent but not idle!  Not only was I busy trying to get ready for Christmas and finish my Christmas cards but I also had to get ready for a two week vacation!  

Now that is behind me and I am now on vacation, I thought I would just take a few minutes to post some of the cards I had been working on!



Shelly said...

Wow! Your cards are absolutely gorgeous, Netta. Such beautiful poinsettias and then each card is so fabulous too.

Yes, I'm posting on my blog again. I started a week or two ago. I'm hoping to do way more crating in 2014 than I did last year.

Hugs to you!!!

Manetta Kanefsky said...

Thanks Shelly!!! I had fun making them. Next year I need to really be doing more Christmas cards throughout the year and not rushing at the end (however I do work better under pressure!!).

I will keep an eye on your blog and look forward to seeing your creations!