Thursday, March 6, 2014

Relay For Life

I have some Relay For Life cards that I made left over from a prior Relay For Life.  I would love to sell them as I will donate 100% of the money to Relay For Life this year.  I will be part of the walk happening here in my town on April 12th.

Relay for Life is dear to my heart. I have lost many to the fight of cancer...including my mom. 

These cards are all A2 size and comes with an envelope to mail.  I will accept any donation for $5.00 and more!!  Please go here and leave a donation. 

Manetta's Relay For Life

Email me the donation amount you submitted, the card you would like and I will send it right off to you!!
Most are blank so someone can handwrite something special inside but if there is something special you want inside I can add that for you.

Thank you in advance!

1. Blank inside 
(Breast Cancer)

2. Blank inside 
(Leukemia and Kidney Cancer)

 3. Inside: It's the best medicine of all.
(Leukemia and Kidney Cancer)

4. It's the best medicine at all.
(Breast Cancer)

5.  Never Never Never give up 
(Liver Cancer)

6. Blank inside
(Breast Cancer)

7. Blank inside
(Breast Cancer)

8. Blank Inside
(Child w/Cancer)

9. Blank Inside

9.Blank Inside

10.  Inside:  You are still the most beautiful, thoughtful and courageous person I know.  That will never change.
(Breast Cancer)

11.  Blank Inside
(Liver Cancer)

12.  Blank Inside
(All Cancers)

13....until we met you

14.  ...until we met you
(All Cancers)

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