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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doing It The Star Trek Way

I did not make a card last night so I want to share a card I made my husband a few months ago for his birthday. I constantly make cards for everyone else, but I never really made him a card. A set of Star Trek stamps were given to me as a gift and long before his birthday, I began to plan how his card would look using the new set. My husband loved his card! He took it to work and I believe he still has it displayed in his office. A little background husband is a Trekkie. LOVES LOVES LOVES Star Trek. Our house is full of Star Trek (except the bedroom-one room I asked to not have it in). It is in the kitchen, computer room, living room, spare bedroom and hallway. All in very good taste and real collectibles. It makes me so happy to create and then give it away to someone you love. It makes me smile when I get a smile back in return. Do you agree?
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