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Monday, January 9, 2012

Secret Pal

The Holidays are over. All the decorations are finally taken down, packed and put away until December 2012. My craft room is finally back in order. It tends to get cluttered during the Holidays because the closets are where we store all the Christmas decorations. The house seems so empty and hollow. It was nice to have a little break and I had to push myself to sit down to craft again but once I got going…it felt good!
There are some occasions for making cards other than the typical Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. There is one coming up on January 8th called Secret Pal Day. The card I made for my secret pal will be slipped into her desk on that day for her to find. She LOVES butterflies so I hope she enjoys it!
To get the butterflies 3D, I stamped the background Cover-a-Card stamp twice and cut out the butterflies I wanted to stand out more.

Thank you for looking and have a wonderful crafty day!

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