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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers N Others Day

30 Mothers N Others Day cards....all done!!
My husband puts on a Mothers Day Event for the Alzheimer Patients at the nursing home.  It is for the Mothers and "Others" (Care-givers).  It is a big event...everyone dresses up in their best...there is a wonderful meal, lots of memories and tears.  It started out with me volunteering to make the invitations several years ago and now has turned into a yearly event.  Many look forward to the hand-made invites that are sent.  

It is the only time I make so many cards alike and not something I enjoy doing but it sure feels good to know that they are going to those who really appreciate them!

This Beautiful Alzheimer poem was added inside the invite

When I was lost, you showed the way.
When I was frightened, you calmed fear away.
You made me laugh, when I wanted to cry.
I fail so often and you tell me; “Just try.”
You are my friend, and I forgot your name.
I called for help and it was you; who came…
by Tim Brennan

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