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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sparkling Winter Night Sky

Time to make a Christmas Card for "Only Christmas Card".   Last weekend I went to a craft yard sale and picked up the Stampin' Up "To You and Yours Too".  I made this card using two of the stamps from it.  It's always a challenge for me to get a snowy sky until I discovered this technique. 

To make the snowy sky, drop a few drops of liquid glue (I used the multi mono liquid glue) onto a plastic lid.  Add a couple of drops of water into it and mix it up with a paint brush.  Now using your finger, tap the brush against it so the glue will splatter all over the paper.  If it does not splatter well, add more water to your glue.  Careful not to strike your paint brush against Your finger too hard as that will cause too much glue to splatter.  Also, I did not hold my finger directly over the top of the image so when I tapped the paintbrush against it, the glue went out and forward onto the image.  Protect your area around the image and also cover your image if you do not want snow on it  because it will also splatter all around!  *S*

I tried to get a picture of what I was doing so you get the idea.  Do you know how hard it is to hold a camera and take a photo when you need both hands in the picture?  lol  I finally figured out I could use my ipad to take the photo for you!

 After you get enough glue splatters and your happy, sprinkle fine glitter over the top and knock off the extra by tapping on the back of the cardstock.  You will see you now have the prettiest sparkling snow falling scenery.  

This was my first attempt at it and I could see a couple of globs on it but it was an easy fix by putting the banner across it with the sentiment stamped on it.  I will get better with more practise.  

If you have a Misti and you are doing a black image like my card has...USE IT!!!  Complete black images are hard to get a nice solid black image on the first attempt.  Many use a black marker after but I have tried that.  It will work but for me...I still say you can see the difference.  I used the misti because you can just ink your image back up and re-stamp over.   That tiny deer has antlers....without a Misti...that is going to be hard to match back up and re-stamp otherwise.  

To see more how to make the card...head over to

I am submitting this to:
Only Christmas Card Week # 19 Challenge
F & M Challenge Color Wheel Challenge

Thank you for stopping by.  It is time for me to head out and enjoy the Florida sun and the pool!  Until later.....

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