Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mothers and Others Cards

I am back!
Month of December  & into January was crazy between getting ready for Christmas, finish making and mailing my cards, and getting ready my vacation. I had a magnificent time visiting Thailand but life is so different there.  Since returning, I have an even more appreciation for USA!

So now I am back to crafting and it feels good!  Just in time to make my husbands 30 invites he needs each year.  I have been working on them for the past month.  First I cut and punched all the pieces out and piled them up.  I grabbed a pile and glued that piece down on all 30 cards.  Grabbed the next pile and started on that one.  All I can say is thank goodness for my Misty as stamping the "Your Invited" was so much faster.   I recently finished them and over a month earlier than he needed them. Go me!

The die set "Radiant Rectangles" was probably not the best choice to make this card with as it had so many tiny pieces that did not pop out well out of the die so after each and every cut, I had to sit and poke the pieces out.  I got a lot of binge watching shows doing these cards!   I guess it was worth it as I like the final results.

My job is done!  Now on to fun cards....

Have a great crafty day!


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