Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Beautiful Black Ice

My friends and family back home, in NH know black ice as a thin coating of glaze ice on the road.  It is not really black but it is transparent so the black road below it shows through so sometimes is called clear ice.  The roads looked dark and so shiny.  You could not tell if the road was wet or coated with ice glazed over it.   Not something anyone likes to drive on.

Black ice in the crafting world is a card technique and you use a foil sheet, archival black ink, versamark ink, heat gun and clear embossing powder.  

It kinda reminds me of the Black Ice on the roads when done!  Black and shiny!

The close up of the card picked up the brown around the card because you use a foil sheet.  The foil sheet is from Stampin Up called Champagne Foil Sheets.  

I experimented with this technique on 3 different cards. It's so beautiful once done and addicting.

There are youtube videos to show you how to do this technique.  You should try it!

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have a great crafting evening.


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