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Monday, September 7, 2009

Tea light Flower Tutorial

A couple of people sent in a request for me to explain how I made the metal flower in my post on August 30th. The flower is actually a great way to use up some trash!! If you burn disposable tea light candles....then start saving them....because they have another use!
You will need the following
Alcohol Inks (1 or more colors of your choice)
Alcohol Ink Applicator
Cuttlebug or Wizard
Cuttlebug folder of your choice
Empty Tealight Disposable Candle Holder
For my card I used the images from "Smell the Coffee Set"
Start with a disposable candle that was burned down.
Empty out the wax that was left on the inside after the candle burned down. From not use your scissors as the metal is so thin it is easy to poke a hole through the bottom. On my second attempt, I used hot water to melt the wax and carefully wiped it dry. (Added note: Fellow crafter informed can also place the tealight holder in the freezer and the wax will pop right out!! Thanks Shelly for that tidbit!!)
Start clipping the "petals" with a pair of scissors...making sure each cut is done opposite of each other. You will have a better chance of all the petals even in size.
Press down gently in the center. Do not worry about getting it completely flat.
Place your flattened tea light holder into your cuttlebug folder and run it through your Wizard or Cuttlebug
Sponge on the alcohol inks that you chose to use until satisfied. Your flower will dry in just a couple of minutes and will be ready to put on your card.
Add a flower center and it becomes an easy and interesting embellishment for any card!
Thank you for stopping by!!
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