Saturday, November 14, 2020

52 CCT November Color Challenge

Now we are talking!  Real Christmas colors...Red and Green!  You have to admit...there sure has been some different color changes this year!  They made me really stretch my imagination but that is point right?  Work outside the box and be challenged. 
 I bought this digital image from Jan's Digi Stamps a couple of weeks ago and it is called Holiday Candy Deluxe.   When I began to work on ideas, this image came to mind.  I had a bit of a problem trying to make it look good on my regular A2 cards and decided why not?  I might as well jump on the band wagon and try out a Slimline card.

It took only a few pencils to color this image.  It actually went pretty quick.

I wanted a little sparkle on the Christmas candy and was very unhappy with my red sparkling glue.  I think it is time to buy another.  It was coming out in clumps. 

Hope you head over to 52CCT and give this challenge a try.  
You do realize time is short to get your Christmas cards done right?

 Happy crafting everyone!

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