Thursday, February 13, 2014

Birthday Book

I have a difficult time making a stash of birthday cards and picking one out  for my own family and friends birthdays.  Each card is made with that person in mind.

There is a woman who helps out in our office a couple of days a week and her birthday is Friday which is Valentines Day.  I thought about her and two ideas came to mind.  One fact was the obvious...Hearts and red.  The second idea was the fact that she loves loves loves to read.  I went with my second idea.  I was so happy I had the Book Label 7 Nestabilty.

I had no idea how I was going to make the card so I turned to Pinterest.  I found some beautiful cards using the Label 7 and making them into an Easel Card.  That helped me to get going however I wanted to go one step better.  I made the bottom look like a leather bound book.  I have made faux leather before but I came across a video where they used a mix of glycerin and water in a spray bottle.  Glycerin was suppose to help the cardstock soak up the water better and get into the fibers...making it much softer and pliable. I gave it a try.  Works great! 

Here is the bottom of the card.

 I should have taking pictures of the process but didn't.  I will make another faux leather and create a tutorial next week. 

Her birthday is tomorrow but I won't see her so I am giving her the card today.  I know she will love it!

Enjoy & thank you for stopping by!


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