Monday, February 16, 2015

SBR-Us Challenge 61-Valentine Heart

Hello Hello!!  
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Happy Valentines Day
Did I miss anything while I was away?

Yes I am still here!  Yes I have still been making cards.  Just time got by me so I apologize!

I am taking a much needed break from busting out 130 Christmas Cards which I used all but 4 cards.  Not much of a head way for 2015 Season but I will get there soon enough.  Lately I have been practising on how to color images for my cards.   The classes that I am taking are from Kit and Clowder.  If you ever wanted to take a class to color images (all types of alcohol markers, pencils and watercoloring), is the time!  Not only is the time is right due to the ratio of Aussie to USA but the classes themselves are the best!  Lots of support, feedback, videos and complete books you can print out.  Right now I am taking the skin and hair class.  I colored an image for my husband's Valentine first and then I did the class.  
WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!  The classes really

My first attempt looks like she hit the tanning booth and got a yellowish tan..UGH..

Here is my card after the first two lessons in the skin and hair class.  Many more to go as you can tell.  At least I have a "before" and will have an "after" as soon as I finish the coloring hair lesson.  That class is next in the lessons.  My husband loved the card and saw beyond the fact that the hair needed serious work.   That is what you call love *S*.

I bought this image from Slinky Tart and is called "From The Heart".  She has some serious cute images!  Will be buying more in the future from Slinky Tart.

Thank you for stopping by!
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