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Monday, April 22, 2013

You ole Buzzard!

I found an image online of a vulture so I used it on a birthday card for my Brother-in-law.  

I printed it 3 times on white cardstock and colored the 1st one completely.  I colored the head only on the 2nd one down to the neck feathers.  The 3rd one I needed only the head with the beak and neck feathers.  Each piece was cut and glued on top of each other using thin pop dots.

For the background I used scrap paper to mask off the mountains and inked the blue.  For the grass and sky I just sponged the ink on.  The trees were stamped with a dark green. 

After I was done with the scene, I glued the vulture down on top.
Inside it says:  Happy Birthday You ole buzzard!

I made this card twice and on the second card you can see the mountains in the background a lot better than on this card.

After making 30 invites of cream color...I needed some "color" in my crafty life! lol

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